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I lost a crown/cap
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I lost a crown/cap

dental crowns sometimes come offWhen you call me to tell me that you have a crown off there are two really important questions I’m going to ask you. The first is: Did you break it? And the second is: Did you swallow it? The reason I ask these questions is to find out what you need from us. If your crown is unbroken and you didn’t swallow it, then we might be able to recement it. This means less money out of your pocket. Recementation typically costs about $150, including the exam and x-ray. If you have insurance, they might even pay for part of this.

There are some conditions to being able to recement the tooth though. Depending on the state of the tooth we might or might not be able to replace the crown. If, for instance, the crown came off because the tooth underneath is decayed, then you might have to have the tooth extracted instead of replacing the crown. However if the crown came off because the cement weakened, then we can likely pop that sucker back on there with some extra strong glue and you could be out of our office in less than half an hour.

If you broke the crown or swallowed it, then there is no way to recement it and your tooth will require additional treatment to resolve this issue. If your tooth is in good condition, then we might be able to remake the crown. If the tooth is not in good condition, then we might have to extract it and make a bridge or implant for you.

man smilingIf in fact you do need to either remake the crown or get a bridge or implant, then be prepared for the cost. Typically your insurance will pay 50% of a crown or a bridge if the old one is over five years old. On an implant it’s a crapshoot. Your insurance might or might not pay any part of the implant. Some insurances won’t pay any part of an implant, other insurances will pay only 50% of the crown to cover the implant, but won’t pay anything on the implant or abutment needed to actually get a crown. Still other insurances will pay 50% of everything. You can check with your dental office to see what the policy is at your insurance company and at their office.

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